Darcy Pacheco participates in mega-operation at Alberto Pasqualini refinery


Gazette do coméricio/BR – Crane LR 1400 is an equipment that comprise the process içamento.A Darcy Pacheco Brazilian company, with coverage of service throughout the national territory and the Mercosur region in the handling and transportation of special cargoes, he participated in a mega-operation and vertical lift of five towers at the refinery expansion Alberto Pasqualini – Petrobras, located in Canoas. “For this operation that was planned in advance, had been deployed two units, one crane LR 1400 crawler crane LTM 1500 and one on tires, with capacities of 400 and 500 tonnes, also using more than 45 trucks to transport the accessories needed to support logistics, “explains the director. Adauri Silva also says that Darcy Pacheco has a team specialized in mega-projects and qualified lifts. “The improvement in the performance of cargo handling is justified because of the growing market need and their needs always to international levels of quality, environmental, security and empowerment,” adds the manager.

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