Areas of Operation

The Darcy Pacheco Group offers solutions in vertical and horizontal transport of loads as well as the assembly of wind turbines.


Oil and Gas



Steel and Metallurgy

Port Operations

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Darcy Pacheco

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DPS Wind

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Pacheco Logistics

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        Anticorruption Program

        The Darcy Pacheco Group is committed to combating corruption and is part of the "Integrity Always" Program, which is based on the rejection of any act of corruption, be it in its direct and indirect forms, in the public and private sectors, and in the commitment to comply with all laws, including anti-corruption laws.

        This document aims to establish the values, principles and responsibilities assumed by the Darcy Pacheco Group in the fight against corruption. ACCESS IT HERE.

        If you want to report a suspicious act, REPORT IT HERE.

        Interested Parts

        The Darcy Pacheco Group is committed to meeting the expectations of stakeholders identified in its Integrated Management System, as well as evaluating their perception of the group.

        To this end, we have an open space on this site for you to get in touch, indicating your opinion or asking your question in the "Contact Us" tool.